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Our Difference

Sydney has become a vertical village, with over 88,000 apartment projects proposed.

  • What will make your development stand out?
  • Why should investors purchase from your development?
  • Are you aware that strata development is different from residential development?
  • Do you have experts that can help you with the strata titling process and regulatory requirements of developing a strata title property?

We believe investors and purchasers buy properties that appeal to owners and occupiers. They look for properties that have a strong foundation, both literally and figuratively.

Investors and purchasers look for a property that is well managed. They want to buy a property that manufactures capital growth, minimising risk and maximising on the assets generated.

Often, developers don't have all the right people to guide them through the development process. The developer might have a very savvy development manager, however that development manager may have limited skills and require consultants to fill in the gaps.

We offer to fill in the gaps in a cost effective manner and offer specialist strata development consultation services that look to the future and management of the development. This is extremely important to a developer that may want keep a stake in their development, sell properties at different stages after the building is built or even to simply maximise appeal of their development to potential investors and purchasers.

There are so many aspects of a strata development that developers require guidance. These are some of the areas that we can assist in:

  1. Sourcing, selecting and appointing a Strata Managing Agent, including consultation with the Strata Managing Agent to Build a Proposed Budget for the Property to Assign Entitlements and Levies.
  2. Sourcing, selecting and appointing an Expert Property Valuer for Determination of Unit Entitlements for the Proposed Strata Development.
  3. Sourcing, selecting and appointing a Specialist Bylaws Solicitor to prepare the Strata Bylaws for development, ensuring that the property is controlled, managed, administered and used effectively for the benefit of the developer, purchasers, occupiers and potential investors.
  4. Sourcing, selecting and appointing Strata Title Specialist Solicitors to prepare contracts for sale, provide advice on any special requirements for the development, negotiating and creating Easements, and any other legal issues that may arise.
  5. Sourcing, selecting and appointing Specialist Strata Contractors required for the management of the property, including Facilities Managers, Cleaners, Grounds Keepers and Security Service Specialists.
  6. Sourcing, selecting and appointing Development Managers, Surveyors, Architects, Builders and Building Consultants where required.
  7. Sourcing appropriate and competitive insurance quotes for Strata Building Insurance required for all Strata developments.

We offer guidance and provide the developer with Specialist Strata Consultant Services, selecting, appointing and managing a specialist consultant team for your project that will set your development apart from the other thousands of development projects in Sydney, ensuring that investors and purchasers are drawn to your well managed and highly leveraged development.